Image & Communication Strategy


More than a certification, we are presenting a powerful marketing tool.

Our aim is to make sustainable fashion the new movement that consumers want to wear and our certification, the icon of this movement.  


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conveying a fashionable image

  • Consumers to look for the certified clothes the same way they would look for branded clothes.

  • Certification brand image being fashionable.

  • Sustainable clothing doesn't mean anymore a sacrifice on style, now it means leading the trend.


the sustainable external sign

  • Certified brands encouraged to display our cool logo outside garments. (The logo can be placed anywhere, in any color and in any size or be on a external fabric label that consumer can leave or cut.)

  • Allows consumers to subtly show their engagement.

  • Conscious fashionistas become emissaries of the contagious sustainability trend and by showing it externally, they spread the movement.

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getting the large public awareness

  • Get out of a niche market follow the path of organic food.

  • Fashion is about following trends. Let's play the game making "sustainability" the new trend to follow.

  • Sustainable fashion brands are usually too small to set trends. They need a joint marketing effort under one umbrella: us.


giving exposure to certified brandS

  • Online platform for consumers to discover all certified articles or brands, and where to purchase them.


  • Great potential to create synergy between communication campaigns of brands and Sustainable Identity.


  • Generate lot of press, individual stories of brands exposed reaching larger audience.


Eligibility criteria

Certification process

Make it happen