Eligibility Criteria

We don’t pretend to own THE definition of Sustainable Fashion but offer to consumers ONE clear and precise definition based on existing benchmark, standards and consensus of the industry.

 Our duty is to verify and certify the veracity fashion brands sustainability claims to facilitate the purchase decision of the end consumer.



Environmental standards

The  that the fashion industry is facing are numerous and colossal. Our certification is focusing on key environmental issues specific to the industry which are the over-exploitation and pollution of natural resources and the generation of waste.Fashion industry environmental challenges are numerous. Our certification is focusing on the issues of the industry with the biggest impact, which are: the over-exploitation and pollution of natural resources and the generation of waste.

Therefore to be certified, a garment must: 

  • be made of FIBERS with minimal environmental impact.
  • not involve processes releasing TOXIC SUBSTANCES into nature. 

social standards 

Human rights abuses on workers have been reported at all stages of the textile production supply chain. However, as the garment manufacture (cut-and-sew) is usually the most labour intensive stage, our certification will exclusively focus on that part.

Therefore, all certified garment must have been manufactured in factories:  

  • In compliance with ILO conventions (International Labour Organisation).
  • Where workers are paid the equivalent of a LIVING WAGES.


CONSUMER safety 

The presence of chemical substances in clothes is a growing concern among consumers. Studies have found hazardous chemicals in 63% of the items tested. For us, sustainability also mean consumer safety. 

Therefore, to be certified garments must be:



Transparency is the first step towards sustainability. To be able to verify the production processes and control sustainability claims, fashion brands willing to get their products certified must: 

  •  Know and be able to disclose all SUPPLIERS and SUB-SUPPLIERS involved in the production. 

Making sustainability the new fashion trend

Certification process

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