Certification process

Paradoxically, the brands spending most efforts and money in doing things well, then have to spend more efforts and money to prove it through certifications.  

For this reason we intend to make our certification process as clear, as easy and as inexpensive as possible. 

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recognition OF EXISTING Standards

We recognize and approve certain environmental and social certifications. In the case brands already hold those certifications they wouldn't have to go through the same process again for that specific aspect of the production. 



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online pre-approval 

We will set up an on-line software, user-friendly and intuitive, where brands will be able to enter all the information and upload the required documentation needed in order to be pre-approved.


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third party on-site control

Independent third-party accredited bodies will proceed the documentary and on-site inspections in order to ensure the integrity and credibility of the certification process. 


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chain of custody 

To ensure the traceability of the components of certified garments and guarantee their sustainable origin, we will use Chain of Custody System as much as possible. 

The Chain of Custody outlines requirements for tracking sustainable components from the origin to the final product to ensure that the material contained in the product originates from trustable sources.




Our Sustainable Fashion Standard is complying with ISEAL Codes of Good Practice. Sustainable Identity is currently applying to become a full member of ISEAL Alliance.


Eligibility criteria

Making sustainibility the new fashion trend

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